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8 ball - bar game of pool

Do you want to have fun while playing the game that does not require intellectual effort? 8 ball is a proposition for you, perfect for a boring, rainy evening that seems to last forever. You don't need to persuade your friends or leave the house - you have everything at hand if you feel like it. Learn simple rules, master a few tricks and discover your new favorite game.

Pool 8 comes in several versions - Rookie, Standard, Advanced and Extreme. As you may have guessed, the English names mean the difficulty levels from the easiest to the hardest. If you are new to experience, start at the lowest level to avoid frustration. In front of you are colorful tables with 8 balls, and on them - balls, in a version well known from bars. Grab the virtual stick and then hit the white ball in such a way that its path reaches the colored one and pushes it into the pocket. Only this and so much! Every successful shot is guaranteed satisfaction along with the power of endorphins.

In Pool Clash: 8 Ball Billiards Snooker, you have the option to choose between single player or multiplayer modes, so competitive interaction is involved. The mechanism is more advanced, and the choice of difficulty levels greatly differentiates the gameplay. To practice, choose Practice, or if you are ready for any challenge - Challenge. There are plenty of them, so you can easily find a solution not only for one boring afternoon, but also for many weeks. Play at home, during a break at school or on the tram.

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