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Dr Panda Daycare


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Dr. Panda's Daycare - Dr. Panda's Kindergarten

Do you like reality simulators in the browser version, and even more so in the world of cute and lovable animals? Or maybe you already know Dr. Panda, who is a real omnibus in the animal world? Then Dr. Pandas Daycare will surely appeal to your taste! This time your mission is to run a kindergarten where children of various species go to animals. The polar bear, kitty, baby elephant or monkey not only go to kindergarten together, but also have a great time together. Provide them with care and attractions at the highest level.

Dr. Pandas Daycare is a game that requires multi-level thinking and concern for the surrounding reality. Children are extremely demanding - if you want to take care of them properly, you need to have eyes around your head. The simulation begins when proud parents return their children to kindergarten and hand them over to you. Make sure that neither of the children feel lost or sad by ensuring that they have delicious fun. A hula-hoop wheel, an electric train, a jumping ball and various dress-ups are great suggestions that will draw a smile on every face!

In addition to having fun inside the building, there is also an option to have fun outside - there you will find a slide or a swimming pool. Also, remember to nourish and hydrate your charges, and it will all be easiest to do in the kitchen. Have fun and fulfill your mission at the same time.

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