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About the game Battleship

Battleship - also known as ships - is a game where every one of us was killing time by going to school. Two people, a piece of paper and a pen were all that was needed to fight an exciting battle inspired by sea battles. If you would like to recall how addictive fun it was, try Battleship Online, a browser game that is completely free.

Genre: strategic

What do you do: you set up your ships and shoot your enemies

Ships, ships, naval war, naval battle ...

Probably not many people know that ships is a relatively young game. It was invented only in the early twentieth century by Clifford von Vickler, and patented in 1943 by Milton Bradley. In the books in which it appears, it is sometimes also called a naval war or a naval battle. Interestingly, alternative versions are also known - extended (played on a larger board) and salvo (also called English).

Let's recall the rules of Battleship Online

The game has alternative variants, but the original, classic one is by far the most popular. It is on its principles that Battleship Online is based. Here we have two boards with the size of ten by ten squares and two players, who first place ships of different sizes (one to four squares) on them, and then "fire", aiming at selected squares on the opponent's side.

The winner is the one who sinks all the enemy ships first. In Battleship, we face artificial intelligence, the level of which we define at the beginning. There are three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. One skirmish lasts only a few minutes, which makes the game a perfect break and a way to de-stress between everyday tasks - whether at work or at home.

Features of Battleship Online:

  • classic game of ships (as in the old school years)
  • sink your enemy's ships before he sinks yours
  • game available for free
  • the game is available from the level of a web browser
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