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Battleships Armada


O grze Battleships Armada

These are the classic "Ships" - an age-old naval battle that was played at school on two sheets of paper. Here, too, admirals deploy their units and fire at each other. Three difficulty levels guarantee a lot of excitement!

The fun begins with setting the ships on the water. You have one five-masted, one four-masted, two three-masted and one two-masted ships at your disposal. You can rotate the units (by double-clicking the mouse button), and you accept the location selection with the green button at the top of the screen. Interestingly, there is no rule that ships must be separated by at least one square. In "Battleships Armada" they can touch each other!

Finally, a fire exchange begins. Each round, you send three rockets into the spaces of your choice, and then your electronic opponent does the same. If hit, a red cross appears in the area. If you sink a vessel, you will additionally see its outline there. The winner is the player who is the first to eliminate the entire enemy fleet!

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