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Tank Wars


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Tank Wars - clash of the titans

War vibes, heavy military cars, exercises related to defense and shooting a moving target - are these elements that sound exciting to you? If so, Tank Wars is sure to catch your attention. In this game you can show reflexes, quick reaction, accurate shots and keen eye, and you will also need a positive attitude and ... a stroke of luck. Let yourself be drawn into intriguing fun and master the world without leaving your tank.

Tank Wars is a game that can be played by two players at the same time - so if you have the company of a friend, friend or girlfriend and want to play together, it can be a nice choice for an evening or a weekend. However, if you spend time alone, also no problem - in this case you will play just by competing with the automatic opponent. This has its pros and cons. Sit back and learn the not-so-difficult rules of the game, then start a great adventure!

After selecting the single or double player mode in Tank Wars, it's time to take a look at the rest of the elements - there are as many as 120 levels to complete, so the whole thing will definitely take some time. Decide if you want to start with easy easy level, medium medium, or are you ready to go hard or hard straight away. Over time, of course, you will be able to modify the settings, depending on your achievements and experience. Remember, however, that the operation will not be similar at every level - the layouts of elements change all the time.

You need to control your tank with the arrow keys on the keyboard, and the goal is to kill all vehicles belonging to the enemy camp. You shoot with the space bar - so position yourself so that it is not possible to contact your opponent's tank directly, otherwise it may end badly for you. After each level you will receive an important summary - what is going great, and what else needs to be worked on? Make sure you get the best results in Tank Wars!

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