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Cooperation - working together straight to the goal

Are you tired of the constant rat race and the vision of competition? Co-op games can be really soothing in this case. Test them if you want to prove yourself in a duo or if you want the so-called multitasking, i.e. multitasking. Here you can find several adventure games with an interesting storyline. These are mainly so-called platformers, i.e. simple games created in 2D technology with boards in the form of platforms.

The proposals from the cooperation series include, among others, the entire Fire and Water saga. This is a very enjoyable browser game in which you control blue water and red fire. Move around the planned space, keeping in mind that the water must not touch the lava, and the fire must not touch the small lakes. There are also elements that are universally harmful to both of them, and these are also better avoided. Be careful and don't charge and it will certainly work out. There are 6 games in this collection, each with many levels, so it's a good idea if you are looking for a relaxing activity for a few evenings.

When you have to control two characters in the same game, you move one of them with the classic arrows, and the other - with the WASD keys. Sometimes it can be confusing and in a funny way, confusing. Similarly, the mechanism in Zombie Mission, in which your mission is to save the world from the invasion of zombies, and Money Movers, where you coordinate a spectacular escape from prison. In both, there are also two characters in different parts of the board.

aplikacja mobilna