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Get On Top Touch


O grze Get On Top Touch

Imagine that in real life you and your loved one are involuntarily joined together by arms and legs. What's more, your field of movement is very limited, and each move can cost you big consequences.

Sounds abstract, right? But that's not the case with Get On Top Touch, which combines a lot of fun with an incredible amount of risk. Why? If you move both characters wrong, one of you can overpay the whole game... with the head! So be careful while playing and control every move, because it depends on how long you stay bonded with your partner.

Get On Top Touch is both singleplayer and multiplayer. In single player mode, it will be perfect as a very good way to kill free time during a school break, a boring lecture or a constantly dragging day at work. The controls are extremely simple as it is done with just one click. The only trick is learning the controls very carefully, because if you or your partner fall over, it's game over immediately.

You will only need a mouse to play! With a few clicks, try to get your glued penalty up. Are you in a group of friends right now and looking for something to enrich the time at your party? Have you thought about playing something very simple, and at the same time something that will provide you with a lot of laughter and endless fun?

Get On Top Touch is the perfect game for this, as it's not just single-player; you can successfully play it with another person! Choose your partner, sit down at the computer and give yourself to this extreme game. If you don't have access to a PC, no problem! Get On Top Touch is also available on any smartphone, so it will run smoothly and thus provide you with as much entertainment as on your computer screen.

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