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Street Driver


About the game Street Driver

Street Driver game is an extraordinary test of reflexes and divisibility - control two cars at the same time! Changing lanes is done by pressing the left / right arrows, each for one car. You have to be very careful and have really good reflexes to get by in this game. Or invite another person to play ... Then you will break all records. ;-)

Driving a car efficiently is a real art these days. However, without a doubt, the role of a professional driver is even more difficult. And certainly the role of the player in ... Street Driver. Well, because have you ever had the opportunity to drive two cars at once?! Better not try it on the street!

Street Driver requires incredible concentration and coordination from the player. In the game we control two cars - red and yellow. It is true that our task is only to change lanes when necessary, but doing it with two vehicles at the same time can be quite difficult, especially since both gradually accelerate!

Each car travels on its own two-lane road. So we don't have to worry about them colliding. The only thing that threatens us is not avoiding one of the obstacles (there are a lot of them, and more and more over time) or one of the stars (we have to collect them to achieve the highest score). Yes, unlike many other games of this kind, collecting these types of objects is not optional, but mandatory. You miss the star - you lose. So it's worth to prepare a lot of patience. However, once you master driving two sports cars at the same time, you will feel like a real master of the wheel!

The controls in Street Driver are really simple. All we have to do is change lanes in the right car at the right time. We use two keys for this - 4 and 6 on the numeric keypad or the left arrow and the right arrow. So mastering the controls should not be difficult for anyone. However, the controls are just the tip of the iceberg. Or rather, an antenna on the roof.

Game features

  • you drive two cars at the same time, changing lanes at the right moment,
  • you can't miss any star, but you must avoid all obstacles,
  • it gets harder and harder as the cars speed up,
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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