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Drag Racing Club


About the game Drag Racing Club

Drag Racing Club game is a challenge only for the best! Fast cars and maximum acceleration, i.e. Dragster races. Shifting gears at the right moment will give you the acceleration you need to win the race, but it's also important to use your Nitro boost at the crucial moment. After the race, you need to improve and tune your appearance, because respect is earned not only by speed, but also by style. Ready? START!

Do you pay attention to every sports car on the street? Do you get goosebumps at the sound of an eight-cylinder engine? The Fast and the Furious is one of your favorite movies and Need for Speed is one of your favorite games? If so, you just have to try Drag Racing Club!

At the very beginning of the game, we learn the rules. These are rather simple, but nevertheless it is better not to underestimate this introduction. In Drag Racing Club, we take part in popular quarter-mile races, in which two drivers set off at the appointed moment with the accelerator pressed to the floor and each of them has the task of reaching the finish line first. In order for it to be you, and not your rival, you need to add the right amount of gas at the start, change gears at designated times, and use nitro when needed (or rather will be). Just so much and so much.

However, racing alone is not everything. To break into the world of illegal racing, you need to constantly improve your ride. Any modifications - engine, gearbox, tyres, weight or nitro - are made by spending the money earned for participating in the starts. However, in the end, you come to a point where there is nothing more you can do with your car. Then you have to consider buying something better. But beware, really fast fury costs a fortune here!

In Drag Racing Club, you decide which races you take part in. Between starts, you move either to the garage (where you can buy or modify cars), or to the city map, from which you choose the next competition. There is no shortage of duels with the stars of the world of quarter-mile racing or starts with the participation of special, rented cars.

Drag Racing Club game features

  • races focusing on popular quarter-mile races,
  • the ability to buy, upgrade and repaint cars,
  • four types of exciting races to choose from,
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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