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Ninja Warrior Shadow of Last Samurai


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About the game Ninja Warrior Shadow of Last Samurai

Ninja Warrior Shadow of Last Samurai is a shadow ninja adventure game combining great graphics, innovative gameplay and intense boss fights. Experience the adventure of a ninja warrior in medieval Japan, get involved in the gameplay with elements of hack n slash and RPG.

Ninja Warrior Shadow of Last Samurai is a samurai action RPG in which you take your revenge on your enemies as a brave assassin. This is one of the best ninja games where you experience sword fighting in the epic Japanese adventure of the legendary ninja assassin. This is a fighting game where the legendary ninja travels to medieval Japan to use his skills once more. Upgrade your skills and fight as a legendary ninja warrior against hordes of samurai defending the corrupt forces. Defeat powerful bosses in the battle arena and ultimately become a legendary ninja warrior. For ninja and samurai fans, this is an amazing action-packed adventure.

History belongs to Tochi, the land of mysteries. Takashi is the son of Arashi, a Japanese ninja warrior specialized in ninjutsu training, who gains ultimate glory by defeating the corruption caused by Tochi. Takashi takes revenge for his people. Taking advantage of divine resistance from the Arashi family, Takashi takes part in difficult battles. He uses swords, axes, hammers and shurikens to defeat the monsters in his way. The Assassin fights to destroy the darkness and becomes an unstoppable master of stealth, constantly honing his monster hunter skills.

Explore huge maps and secret paths. Discover different rewards in different locations. The player can upgrade the character, develop their skills and store useful items in their inventory. Various types of unique and hard-to-beat bosses await you. Bosses are all kinds of beasts, witches and hostile ninjas. You can fight your enemies face to face or become a stealth master, it's your choice. Equip a variety of weapons to fight in your own unique style. Each weapon has its own attributes. It is important to choose the right weapon for a specific fight.

Are you ready to face the challenges in this adventure game? It's time to find out what it's like to fight in medieval times using your ninjutsu skills. Thanks to many great levels, this game allows you to become a legendary killer. The end of the chaos is in the hands of your warrior. Ninja Warrior Shadow of Last Samurai is not an ordinary dark fantasy adventure, it's a real fight to clear the evil lands. Prepare for many battles by using your ninjutsu skills.

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