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Warriors and their amazing skills

Do you want to possess powers that are wielded only by the world's greatest warriors? Would you like to have fun in a fantastic world full of amazing and dangerous adventures without getting up from the couch? Here are the game suggestions for you - your new favorite may be among them!

One of the options you can find here is to play the role of a ninja warrior, for example in the game Ninja Run. This is a deceptively simple platformer in which you move with the use of arrows and a few extra keys. Even though you are really brave, you also have your small weaknesses, and they include… basically all the obstacles you may encounter on your way. Every little thing can deprive you of your virtual life, and then it's game over, the game is over! So watch out for birds and other enemies (including human ones), but also for blocks and ditches that you have to jump over. Be brave and brave!

Another interesting proposition from the name of warriors is the game Black Thrones, which not without reason brings to mind associations with a popular series. As in the case of the above-mentioned game, here you are dealing with a seemingly simple platformer in which your character travels the world in search of prey, while avoiding obstacles. Relax while serving yourself a subtle dose of adrenaline. Move with the arrow keys and use your weapons on the spacebar - that's all you need to know in the beginning.

aplikacja mobilna