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Thief Bob 2 - feel the thrill

Bob The Robber, or in this case Thief Bob 2 is a nice robber who gained fame, time and time again saving the city from various thugs. Take on the role of him to deal with various obstacles that will stand in your way. Try to use all your resources for this - both those at Bob's disposal and his cunning, cunning and reflexes. Remember that the main goal is to get to the designated point without getting caught.

Thief Bob 2 is a classic platformer where you have to use your head. As in every other part, here you also start with a view of the city skyline. In each building you see on the board, you have a separate mission to complete. The order is important - pay attention to the numbering above the buildings to get acquainted with the topography of the terrain and the game plan. You start in an inconspicuous place, which is de facto a training field for you. Practice around cameras, guards, and light lasers by reading the instructions carefully. All of them are in English, so it's also a good opportunity to practice your language skills.

Your hero Thief Bob is extremely agile, but even he can be caught by villains if he's not careful enough. Always try to sneak unnoticed and pay special attention to the play of lights or shadows - you can always cling to the wall to perfectly hide from the curious gaze of unfavorable characters. You are also equipped with a neat stick, which you can use to disarm your opponents in the event of a confrontation.

In Thief Bob 2, you must use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your character. You move mainly on the side ones, and the up arrow allows you to hide in the shadows or check what is hidden behind specific objects in the rooms. For example, in chests of drawers, cupboards and shelves you will surely find bundles of banknotes that will be a good reward for saving the world, and by clicking the elevator you will move to another level of the building.

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