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About the game Star Battles

There has never been such a war in space! You will circle the orbits of successive planets, dodging enemy cruisers and destroying fighters. Try not to lose control of the rocket!

"Star Battles" is not like classic space shooters. Here, the player's ship does not fly straight ahead, but circulates around one of the planets. Its orbit intersects with the orbit of another planet. Enemy units are roaming it, which you have to watch out for. The whole difficulty is that in "Star Battles" there is no stopping. You can only slow down or speed up…

The fun is about skillfully maneuvering the unit and avoiding possible collisions. From time to time, the creators introduce additional attractions. Sometimes you have to catch a shield circulating in a neighboring orbit, other times you have to get a weapon and use it to shoot down enemy units. All this makes "Star Battles" not boring quickly. Fans of space shooters will be delighted with it!

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