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About the game MiniO Stars

The puzzle game Mini-o Stars is a combination of three of the coolest things in the world - Star Wars, Pong and... MINIONS! Little yellow, sometimes irritating, but still incredibly sweet and charming - our beloved Minions. :-) Just what is it about? You have to avoid the evil Stormtroopers by bouncing off the opposite ropes. Make a record and have fun!

Any Star Wars fans here? If so, they should try Mini-o Stars ASAP! It's a simple but addictive arcade game in which we choose one of the characters inspired by "Star Wars" (we start with Luc Skywalker), and then we move into space to collect gold coins. It may sound simple, but it takes really long (and fun!) practice to master this game and get high scores.

Mini-o Stars Game Rules

The fun in Mini-o Stars takes place on a trivial board consisting of two springboards - one at the top and one at the bottom of the screen - on which the character we choose bounces back and forth. On the way, we catch gold coins (chips) - the more we manage to collect them, the better our score will be. However, to make it not so easy, space stormtroopers flying in both directions stand in our way.

As soon as our hero comes into contact with one of them, he's gone. We then have to start over from zero points. Fortunately, we can avoid them - when we press the left mouse button, our character immediately turns in the opposite direction.

The points we collect in Mini-o Stars are not only used to achieve the best results. After getting a certain number of them, we unlock more heroes. After the aforementioned Luck Skywalker, Her Majesty, Chewie, Rolly and the Old Master are waiting for us here. Each of these characters has a unique skill. For example, Luck Skywalker slows down stormtroopers, Her Majesty turns them the other way, and Chewie can turn them into chips.

Features of Mini-o Stars:

  • arcade game inspired by "Star Wars",
  • five characters to choose from (four of them must be unlocked),
  • each of the heroes endowed with a unique skill,
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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