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Kung Fu Sparrow


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About the game Kung Fu Sparrow

Learn the real art of kung fu, fight to the last piece of bread and never give up! Along the way, you will encounter various enemies, each with their own power! Win new belts and unlock bonus levels!

In Kung Fu Sparrow, you are a lonely sparrow. On the streets of a ruthless, cold and hungry city... Can you survive the harsh conditions...? Will you find your place on the warm wire of the power line...? It all depends on you, on your reaction!

Jump from wire to wire, destroy enemies, collect valuable bread and defeat the boss in an uneven fight! Each enemy has its own unique trait and weapon. Find a way for each of them. The game offers 50 unique levels, two game modes and several characters to choose from. Win the deadly battle and become a true Kung Fu Sparrow master!

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