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Don't touch the red


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About the game Don't touch the red

Don´t Touch The Red arcade game is simple but fascinatingly addictive fun. The player's objective is to press the "HJKL" keys on the green blocks that scroll from the top of the screen. The pace picks up quickly and you need really cat reflexes to break a specific record.

Don't Touch The Red is an arcade game where you have to show the agility of your fingers like a piano virtuoso! Although the gameplay seems to be very simple, in reality you have to really work hard to achieve a high score. Play the browser game Don't Touch The Red for free on Game Planet and become a keyboard master. Finger breaks!

Do you consider yourself a keyboard master? Do you run your fingers on the keys like an inspired Chopin? Check yourself! Don't Touch The Red is a real challenge and a great agility training game. The rules are simple, during the game you can see the letters "HJKL" on the screen, these are the equivalents of the keys on the keyboard, with the same characters. The fun is to press the buttons exactly when there is a green tile on one of them.

In Don't Touch The Red, blocks appear on the board in different ways, depending on the selected mode: Arcade, Classic, Rush or Zen. They can fall faster and faster from above or move when you press them. You can break records of quantity or measure yourself against time. Additionally, each mode has three difficulty levels.

If you accidentally make a mistake while pressing a key on a red tile, the game ends and you can try again to correct your last score. Test your reflexes and observation skills in the free game Don't Touch The Red on Game Planet. Attention! The creators are not responsible for fingers tied in a knot!

Features Don't Touch The Red

- An arcade game that requires reflexes and perceptiveness;

- Four modes to choose from and three levels of difficulty;

- Simple, transparent rules;

- Minimalistic, expressive graphics;

- Great fun and addictive entertainment for everyone.

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