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Match 3

Candy Smash


About the game Candy Smash

The puzzle game Candy Smash is a "Match 3" title in a candy style. By moving the candies, you need to match at least three in one line, but the more, the better and the greater the point bonuses.

About the game Candy Smash

The puzzle game Candy Smash is the candy version of the popular series of "match 3" games. Colorful, full of lollipops, hard candy and caramel graphics will tempt everyone, both the youngest and slightly older players. Pick and choose between a variety of treats and score as many points as you can in the browser game Candy Smash, for free on Game Planet.

Candy smash puzzle game

Although Hansel and Małgosia did not go well with the candy deal with Baba Jaga, you don't have to worry. At Candy Smash you can enjoy all the delicacies served without remorse. The game board is filled to the brim with delicacies, while the player's task is to find as many identical candies as possible and arrange them in such a way that at least three of the same are arranged in one row, vertically or horizontally.

When this is done, the candies disappear, making room for the next ones, and the player scores points. A greater number of delicacies arranged in one sequence results in the appearance of bonus elements with special properties on the board. To pass a level, you must meet the requirements set in it, e.g. score a certain number of points or eliminate as many candies in a given color as possible. Each next level is more and more difficult, and the player has a limited number of moves or a time limit to complete them. A high score in a round guarantees you all three stars. Be tempted by the extremely appetizing browser game Candy Smash, collect candy and beat records.

Features of Candy Smash

  • Candy candy match 3 puzzle game;
  • Delicious, colorful graphics;
  • Increasingly difficult challenges to overcome;
  • Lots of assorted, multi-colored candies;
  • Addictive fun for everyone from 0 to 100+ years old.
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