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Wheely 7


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About the game Wheely 7

Wheely 7 - the little car is back in action

Wheely 7 is the next installment in the series about a small, cute car that has to be helped to cope with various adversities. The red hunchback is looking for a way to get to the red flag, which is the finish line of the board. Along the way, he encounters walls, platforms, traps, closed gates and various creatures that make it difficult to move around. Will you manage to complete the entire game despite such inconvenience? Believe in yourself and focus on logical combining, and you will definitely do it!

Wheely 7 is a great proposition for shared entertainment with kids. Toddlers love colorful, animated characters that are eye-catching and have a likable image. Controlling Wheely is not difficult: just click the cursor and help it move from place to place. Touching the car makes it move off the hoof, and clicking objects around it causes a variety of consequences. Remember that the elements that you can move are not always helpful in passing the board - sometimes it's just a small trick that will take you out of the way ...

Be attentive and combine well, and if you have little ones at home - teach them these skills in practice. Is there any better way to do it than by playing together with nice characters in the main roles? Together, go through all the boards that Wheely 7 is preparing for you. There are a lot of them, and each next one is a bit more difficult! The further you go, the greater the gratitude of the red car, which also has a lot of fun thanks to you.

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