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Wheely 3


About the game Wheely 3

Wheely 3 - a hunchback on a new adventure

Attention, Wheely 3 is here! You already know him? Here is the third part of the series about a nice, red car, which is a bit lost in the world in which it functions. The game is about cleverly and efficiently moving the vehicle to the other side of the board. What's waiting for him there? A pass for newer and more interesting obstacles! However, it is not so easy to get it, which is why you will need maximum concentration and a little combination.

Wheely 3 can definitely stimulate gray cells to move. As you know, there's never too much of it, so it's worth having a little fun. Plan what needs to be done to get the Beetle off the ground, and then be the driving force behind all this commotion. This is a point and click game, so you just need to point the cursor at the place where the object you want to move is and click there. Then watch what happens. You can click gates, levers, characters, cranes and other similar objects. By clicking on the toy car, you make it move forward.

Wheely 3 is a good proposition for shared entertainment with children. It teaches logical combining and is a lot of fun. If you don't know Wheely yet, be sure to suggest this pastime, and make up for the rest of the parts! Wheely's toy car, which has adventures in its head, will surely be grateful for your help. Launch the browser on your computer or tablet and get to work!

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