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Penalty Shooters 2

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About the game Penalty Shooters 2

Are you an avid supporter of the most popular team sport in the world, which is undoubtedly football? In that case, you certainly already have worked out various types of computer games, such as FIFA or other, more or less advanced football simulators. However, sometimes matches are not very exciting and the action is in penalties - you have to be well prepared for those too. Do you know this scenario? Penalty Shooters 2 is a game where the best shooters and excellent goalkeepers can prove themselves. What, are you getting into this deal? In which position?

Before you start playing, you have to choose which league you want to play in. English, Spanish, Brazilian, Italian or maybe the World Cup? There are twelve options to choose from, so think carefully. However, you can always change your mind if you come to the conclusion that it's already too boring or whatever doesn't suit you. In each league, you still have to decide which team suits you - and therefore which group you will end up in. Pay attention to the precise road map to the final - after all, that's your goal, right?

Penalty Shooters 2 is a game based on a typical point and click mechanism. All you need is a mouse or a touchpad to play a fully correct penalty series. And in fact, you will need reflexes, a sober assessment of the situation and a bit of cunning. And of course, a lot of luck, after all, these final points are often the result of chance. Unless you don't believe in coincidences...

Focus on the target and set the target precisely. When it's your turn, you have to decide which part of the goal the player will hit. If you can outsmart the opposing team's goalkeeper, you'll score a spectacular goal. However, if he selflessly throws himself in exactly the same place, you will not get a point. In the next round, you will stand on the goal and the mechanism will be identical - anticipate which point the striker will want to hit and try to save your team from losing a point.

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