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It happens that penalty kicks are the most exciting moment of a football match. Not without reason - this form often resulted in the loss or victory of a particular team in a very important competition in just a few seconds. In the online version, you can simply play the penalty series without having to play the entire match on the pitch. Will you prove yourself in this form of competition?

In Penalty Champs 21, the penalty shootout championship, you first choose the team you want to represent. A schedule of the competition is drawn up, from the group of teams to the grand finale. In each "match" the player has a series of penalty kicks, which you as a player use the mouse or touchpad. You set the parameters of hitting the ball, i.e. the direction, height and speed of the ball, do you swing and ... a goal? Or maybe a box? Find out how good a shooter you are, and then a goalkeeper! This soccer game teaches you to be precise and requires you to analyze the situation and adapt your strategy to the behavior of your opponent.

Various proposals of games in the penalty shootout category are made in various technologies - more or less technically advanced. You have a whole shelf of options at your disposal. If you like fast and dynamic gameplay with high stakes (championship!), Be sure to test these games. Some of them are more focused on the attack stage, others (such as the Goalkeeper Challenge) - definitely to defend the goal. Which one is more for you?

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