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Penalty Challenge


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About the game Penalty Challenge

Penalty Challenge is a game in which you can test yourself as a real football player. Your task will be to take penalty kicks to score as many points as possible for your team. Try to shoot accurately and surprise the goalkeeper with your precision. You have 5 turns in which you will attack the goal - the more shots on target, the more points you will receive. You control it with your mouse and clicking the cursor in the appropriate direction.  

How to play Penalty Challenge?

You will also stand on the other side and have to defend the goal against the opposing team's players. Don't let the ball hit the goal! Catch the ball at the right moment to prevent your team from losing points. After each action you perform, you will change your position.  

With each level, the gameplay becomes more and more difficult, the shots are faster and more precise, and the attackers are smarter. So train with Penalty Challenge to become a master. Once you reach level 10, you will become the best player in the game.

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