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If you're into football, you'll probably agree that penalties are always one of the most exciting moments of any match. One-on-one duels between the shooter and the goalkeeper always electrify the fans. Some hope that the attacker will make a sure shot, while others that the defender will somehow manage and save it. Can the shooter - who always has an easier task ahead of him than the goalkeeper - manage to score? Can you score?

Turn on Penalty Multiplayer and try your hand at a penalty shootout. Choose one of the teams (although they are not licensed clubs, but you can easily tell what the creator meant by the crests) and then take five shots, trying to make the ball flutter in the net. It's not just digging for digging's sake. You will fight each duel with another player - either with a friend sitting next to you, at the computer, or with another live person over the network. In Penalty Multiplayer, the excitement is unique precisely because we never face artificial intelligence. There is always another living person in front of us.

As a curiosity, it is worth adding that penalty kicks - i.e. shots fired from eleven meters, from a standing ball, awarded for offenses within the penalty area - appeared in football as early as 1890 (i.e. several years before the official football matches began. The Irish League was the first to feature this solution. In turn, the first information on the penalty shoot-out in the event of a tie in the match in regulation time dates back to 1964. One of the most colorful figures in the context of elevens is Jerzy Dudek, who became famous for his "Dudek dance" in the 2003 Champions League final.

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