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Video Game Tycoon


About the game Video Game Tycoon

Video Game Tycoon is a strategic idle clicker business game in which you are the creator and you manage a game studio that develops PC / PC, console, mobile games and more. Your end goal is to expand your business as much as possible to come to the top as a leader in the mobile gaming market.

Run your own video game company

Become a creator, grow your business by creating games, hiring employees, earning, upgrading and building your perfect studio in Video Game Tycoon!

Upgrade and develop

Plan your cash investments and raise the level of your studio thanks to the expansion of another floor. Build a gaming empire from scratch.

Create amazing games

Create different games, customize them, name them and sell them! You can then update them with new solutions! Customize the game icon with the icon customizer and create, select, edit, modify game icons and design the best game icon for your games. Profit from a hit game or two to increase your revenue and create your own video game company history. Create games for PC / PC, consoles, mobile phones and more! Become the best video game developer for PC / computer consoles, mobile devices.

Game analytics and more

As a game developer for Video Game Tycoon, you need to check the ratings and reviews of your PC / PC, console or mobile games. Also check statistics such as the number of installs and uninstallations of your games and become the best video game developer and leader of the entire gaming industry.

Hire workers

Hire and manage employees to increase your income. Automate your work in the company to increase your passive income. Hire employees, name them, customize them and use their skills! Each employee in Video Game Tycoon has special skills. Learn their life story by reading cool and fun messages from employees who also chat with each other.

Launch operations and earn passive income

Get the cash that awaits you in the extremely attractive gaming market. As a game developer, you need to buy PCs / computers, consoles, laptops, mobile phones to test games, get high speed internet access etc. Get everything to keep your business and reap the benefits of passive income.

Customize your office

Unlock cool items / accessories as you level up and earn cash bonuses in the game. You can rearrange and rearrange everything from employees to office tables, PC / computer desks and all kinds of props that you unlock in Video Game Tycoon, you can very easily customize your own office the way you want!

Prestige option

When the game is slower than you would like, you can use the Prestige option to spice up the game simulation, earning bonus multipliers and getting back on top even faster than you could before!

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