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Tycoon - become the business shark

Do you have a flair for project management or would you like to test if this is the job for you? Test yourself in Tycoon games, in which your main task is to run a business. Choose what industry you would like to work in and start developing your empire. As the CEO of a corporation, you will have a lot of employees, a lot of tasks to be performed and various responsibilities. Can you cope with the task and make a fortune? You can only answer this by trying!

Shopping Mall Tycoon is a game where you become the owner of a thriving shopping mall. Of course, there are a number of things you need to do before it becomes profitable - starting with site selection. Fortunately, you delegate most of the tasks, so construction-related issues won't bother you. Your character is only interested in money, profits and turnover. The fun is made even more fun by friendly background music, allowing you to relax in front of the screen. Invest earned coins to develop your place and become a market tycoon. It's very rewarding and you don't risk anything in a free game.

Arcade Builder is another business simulator from the economic games category. You manage a large-scale entertainment center, i.e. a games room. Hire the necessary staff, without which you will definitely not be able to do it, and then equip the place and make sure that as many customers as possible visit it and leave their money there. Invest the obtained finances in further development.

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