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Earning money - games with economy in the background

Are you interested in the intricate world of finance? Do you like games where you can imagine you can afford to buy the whole world? Earning money is a nice variety of games with this theme. You can easily test various business models and get rich by making various investments. Games have really simple mechanisms of operation and an extremely satisfying remuneration system. Find out what it's like to become an entrepreneur!

One of the options is Building Rush, a game in which you become the owner of a large space. Your task is to develop the urban space and allocate the money properly - you have to do it in such a way that all investments pay off and the facilities earn for themselves. Make wise decisions and develop infrastructure just by clicking your mouse or finger to the right place on the screen. At each stage, you have a specific challenge that you must complete within a certain time. So good luck!

The proposition that also has earning money as a leitmotif is Idle Zoo. Here you become the owner of a huge zoo and you have to make sure that each zone earns a living. You start with small investments - maybe it will be penguins? Consider how long it takes to get your section refunded and multiply your money wisely. Also remember not to neglect the fauna entrusted to you - keep a close eye on each of the zones!

aplikacja mobilna