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Idle Airline Tycoon


About the game Idle Airline Tycoon

Idle Airline Tycoon: Build a powerful airline empire in a free online game!

Become an airline tycoon in the free online game Idle Airline Tycoon! Start with a small airport and grow it into a massive airline empire, serving routes to over 50 cities around the world.

Manage and develop

In the free Idle Airline Tycoon game, you play the role of the president of an airline. Buy planes, open new routes, improve airports and manage staff to maximize profits.

Earn money even without playing!

The idle game mechanics keep your airline running even when you're not playing! You don't have to constantly monitor the screen. Idle Airline Tycoon online allows you to generate passive income - just come back to the game later and see how much you earned during your break.

A wealth of routes and planes

Choose from 25 different aircraft to serve routes to over 50 cities on different continents. Improve your airports to attract more travelers and increase flight comfort.

Pleasure and relaxation

The online game Idle Airline Tycoon is the perfect way to relax and de-stress. Watch your aviation empire flourish, immerse yourself in soothing music and feel the satisfaction of growing your business.

Why choose Idle Airline Tycoon?

  • free online game - available to everyone, free of charge
  • idle mechanics - earn money even without actively playing
  • a wealth of routes and planes - discover tons of routes and choose the perfect planes
  • simple and intuitive gameplay - perfect for players of all ages
  • relaxing atmosphere - de-stress and immerse yourself in the world of aviation

Start your aviation adventure today!

Start your adventure with the free Idle Airline Tycoon game and build your mighty empire. Become an aviation tycoon and feel satisfied with your success. The game is waiting for you!

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