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Princess Military Fashion


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About the game Princess Military Fashion

Princess Military Fashion - Barbie as a soldier

Princess Military Fashion is a proposal for people who want to play online dress up games, but not in such a classic, conventional version, in which pink, shine and high heels reign supreme. Here is a slightly less standard version, where your doll is to become a professional army member and needs to adapt its appearance to such circumstances. There are many options, and it is up to you to decide how you will let Barbie dress up - will you try minimalism, short hair and military décor, or maybe you will go all the way and match a camo uniform with pink eyelids, golden curls and red lipstick? Also remember about the distinctive lines on the face.

Princess Military Fashion game is a kind of virtual fun in which you escape into the world of fantasy. In fact, professional soldiers do not have that much of a choice when it comes to the freedom to dress up while serving, but who would forbid a Barbie? After applying make-up and choosing a hairstyle, check the wardrobe - decide whether the outfit will be fully professional and similar to a uniform, or you will choose more universal elements of clothing, such as a top and a skirt. Plus sunglasses, binoculars, gloves and comfortable shoes!

The whole fun is made more enjoyable by the dynamic, energizing music and pleasant graphics of the game. Spend some time in the company of Barbie in a slightly different edition and enjoy your finished creation. Now you can go to the costume party!




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