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Princesses - a gaming theme for the most demanding

Games in which princesses appear are the proposals most often associated with little girls - meanwhile, not only they will find something for themselves. You can choose between classic and slightly less conventional options, as well as thematically varied. You will find among them references to popular social networking sites, characters from Disney films, as well as references to popular holidays in our part of the globe - for example Easter.

Princess Cute Zombies April Fun is definitely a proposition from the more original category. Instead of pretty girls who just need to smooth their nails and tailor their hairstyles, this dress-up game features characters from the zombie movies. It's a witty April Fool's Day option, in which Elsa from Frozen and Jasmine from Aladdin get slightly spooky outfits and styles. Let your imagination run wild by choosing elements like from a Halloween nightmare!

In Princess Military Fashion, princesses also do not have a conventional style - they become soldiers. Choose hairstyles, face makeup with camouflage as well as military uniforms so that they can go to the drill. Make sure they look interesting, but also take into account practical considerations - not all hairstyles will be comfortable in action! Play with convention using a simple point and click mechanism. Due to the low level of complexity and subject matter, the games will also be good for children.

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