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Pandemic Fashion Mask


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About the game Pandemic Fashion Mask

Pandemic Fashion Mask - fashion in times of a pandemic

Do you like dress up games and are you looking for something "up to date"? In a rather ironic interpretation, this category definitely belongs to Pandemic Fashion Mask, a game in which you play the role of a fashion designer and have the task of creating a styling with a fashionable ... face mask that protects against the penetration of germs. This is a pragmatic aspect of clothing, which can be a good addition and another platform for artistic "living" while creating a set.

Pandemic Fashion Mask allows you to create three different sets for three occasions: a walk in the park, a romantic date, and a night out at the club. Go for a glamorous hairstyle, a trendy dress or a skirt / top combination, party shoes, a purse and jewelry, and match it with an elegant and chic face mask. After all, safety comes first! Create a stylish character who does not have to be afraid of social contact, because he is properly prepared for various eventualities. It does not take away its charm, on the contrary - the mask can be an interesting decoration.

Dressing up Pandemic Fashion Mask is a good fun option for the youngest and the slightly older ones. The banal mechanism of operating point and click games (aim and click) allows a lot of freedom. Just choose the option that suits you and click on it to see how it looks on the model. If you change your mind, no problem - you are just a few clicks away from a completely new outfit. Have fun!

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