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About the game Cute Little Dragon Creator

Cute Little Dragon Creator - create yourself a dragon

Is possession of a dragon legal, or maybe, like the adepts of magic from the Harry Potter series, you could expect serious consequences? Fortunately, in virtual reality, for example in the game Cute Little Dragon Creator, such doubts are not justified at all, because you decide everything yourself. Adopt a baby pacifier to become your pet, walking companion, and more. For some, dogs and cats are just a bit too conventional!

Cute Little Dragon Creator is an offer from the dress-up series, where you start with a blank canvas (in fact, in this case it's a little pacifier) and end up with the truest work of art in your style. A pleasant, bell-shaped melody in the background makes the process of creating a dragon style more enjoyable, and the whole thing is unhurried, undemanding and relaxing. Don't worry if the popular opinion is that pink doesn't go well with green - if you feel like it, your pacifier can be dressed in these colors and look great.

There are quite a few decisions to make - from the color of the coat (a huge range of colors!), Through the decorations, shape and color of the eyes, to the type of the tail. The next step is accessories - clothes and accessories are a real paradise for stylists. Equip your soother with beautiful jewelry and lovingly decorate its hoofs to complete it. Finally, choose a background on which the finished creature will look best. Have fun!

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