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Dragons - games with mythical creatures

Do dragons really exist or are they just legend? Find out about it by browsing the offers of browser games that will make your evenings more pleasant, keep queuing time or help you spend 15 minutes of breaks at work or classes. Look for something pleasant for yourself in your favorite categories and relax in the company of friendly characters in the online version.

In what games can you find mysterious dragons? Cute Little Dragon from the dress-up category is one of such games, in theory for children, but not only - it can also be fun for the older ones who like relaxing games in metamorphosis. It is technically straightforward - just click the mouse or laptop's touchpad (or finger in the case of touchscreens) on easy-to-understand pictograms to switch between activity categories. Shapes, colors, form of the ears and eyes, wings - you can choose it all.

The dragons you create can look classic (whatever that means for these creatures) or extremely original. Suggest yourself with your favorite colors and play to the accompaniment of a melody pleasant to the ear, which you can also turn off if it bothers you. Finally, choose a background for your fantastic pet and make him a photo session that will be your souvenir on the disc. Then go back to the fun and create a nice company for your soother so that he does not feel lonely.



aplikacja mobilna