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About the game Creative Coloring

Creative Coloring - fun for little artists

Does your child love artistic challenges and one book of coloring books a day is not enough for him? Or maybe you are looking for an interesting activity for him, for example when traveling, when you cannot spread out with a whole set of cards, crayons, paints, brushes or coloring books? Creative Coloring game is the answer to your needs - creative coloring is done here on the principle of a small challenge. To get access to further suggestions, first deal with the previous ones. You start by coloring a cute drawing of an octopus. The other pictures are equally interesting and attracting children's attention.

There are two ways to play Creative Coloring. One of them is the so-called freestyle, i.e. absolute color and artistic freedom. You get a picture, a set of paints and the necessary tools, and then do whatever you want. The colors do not have to be in harmony with each other, and everything has to be liked only by you. The second option is coloring according to the instruction and pattern. This is the first option that you have access to, and you must complete the challenge to proceed. Will you remember all the colors at once? Relax - if not, just use the reminder hiding under the question mark.

There are plenty of colors, and the options for color compositions are endless. This game can be played from a computer as well as from a tablet or even a fairly large smartphone. Let the kids have fun.

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