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Bingo Royal


About the game Bingo Royal

Bingo is the favorite game of American retirees. It is worth getting to know it better - it is uncomplicated and exciting at the same time. Launch "Bingo Royal" and find out!

A five-by-five board appears on the screen. This is your coupon. It was generated in a completely random way and each field contains a different number. During the game, the so-called caller draws successive balls with numbers, just like in a lottery. The drawn numbers appear at the top of the screen. If you see one among them that you have on your coupon, be sure to mark it! Note - the middle field is considered to have already been drawn.

The game is won by the person who is the first to fill one of the lines (so all the numbers on it will fall). In such a situation, he has the right to shout "Bingo" and press the button visible at the bottom of the screen. After that, just a payout, for which you can buy additional coupons, and you can keep playing!

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