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Wild West Slot Machine


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About the game Wild West Slot Machine

The game of chance Wild West Slot Machine is a free version of the "slots" in wild west climates. The rules are as simple as the construction of a flail - click SPIN and check what will come up. That's it, the whole game! Although this version has a lot of additional options that are worth exploring, because the fun is great. Have a nice game!

Did you know that the first version of the slot machine was created and introduced in the United States as early as 1891? Of course, later the formula of this game was changed many times, until finally it was released as it is known today. Interestingly, the one-armed bandit appeared in Poland only in the 1970s. While it can be played in many places today, it's hard to find a version like the one featured in the Wild West Slot Machine.

Wild West Slot Machine is a one-armed bandit (5-reel) designed for players who like the atmosphere of the Wild West. Instead of the popular fruits, we see letters and elements related to old America on the screen, such as a saloon door, a bartender, a cowboy or a gun lying next to a glass of whiskey. From time to time we can also hear characteristic sounds (they come out of the speakers when we shoot a really good line).

The rules of the game at Wild West Slot Machine are really easy and require basically nothing but... having a mouse. To spin the machine, just click in the right place. If we do not want to click, we can set the game to the so-called. on autopilot (you decide for how long). Of course, it is also possible to change the amount of the bet, so the fun will also be enjoyed by real risk takers. Except that in Wild West Slot Machine... they won't lose real money.

Wild West Slot Machine Game Features:

  • one-armed bandit (5-reel) in the style of the Wild West,
  • the ability to set the game on autopilot,
  • the option to change the rates (from 0.10 up to 20,000.00),
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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