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Blackjack Master


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About the game Blackjack Master

Blackjack Master is a card game that allows us to get to know the taste of playing in a casino a very popular card game, i.e. Blackjack. However, before you go to the game to try your luck with the cards, learn more about Blackjack Master and learn more about its rules.

Get to know Blackjack Master closer

The magical hustle and splendor accompanying casino games create a mood in which many people lost themselves completely. Elegant clothes, rich interiors, dignified croupiers... it's not easy to resist. Unfortunately, according to the "casino always wins" principle, playing real money with real money is extremely risky. So it's worth trying out the digital version of one of the popular casino games - Blackjack, which is much more kind to our wallets, completely free on Game Planet.

Blackjack Master Game Rules

Blackjack Master is nothing more than a popular card game called "the blackjack". The rules of the game are extremely simple, and the winning itself depends largely on our luck. The game is about comparing your cards with the dealer's cards. Each card has an assigned value: face cards (king, queen, jack) count as 10 points, aces as 1 or 11 points, and all other cards count as the numerical value that is written on them.

In a given round, the person who gets a score equal to 21 or the highest score lower than 21 from their cards wins. The game starts with the distribution of two initial cards, after knowing their value, you can draw more cards, double them, split them, abstain or say belt. Skillful decision-making helps you succeed, but it does not guarantee winning, because Blackjack is largely a game of chance. So try your luck with Game Planet's free Blackjack Master card game, and if you fail, don't worry: "who's unlucky at cards is lucky in love."

Features of Blackjack Master

- Blackjack card game, or "blackjack";

- Elegant graphics stylized as a real casino table;

- Simple rules and the ability to read the instructions in the main menu;

- Addictive entertainment without the risk of losing money;

- Great fun, for every lover of casino games.

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