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Yummy Slot Machine


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About the game Yummy Slot Machine

The Yummy Slot Machine game of chance is the "slot machine" version for the biggest foodies! Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers and bacon everywhere! Tap SPIN and let the goodies swirl! Nom, nom, nom!

Yummy Slot Machine is a one-armed bandit designed for players who not only have a gambler's streak, but also a love of ... food. If you like to play with slots, but you're tired of seeing ubiquitous lemons, cherries or watermelons, this version should interest you!

Playing Yummy Slot Machine is as simple as the design of the slot machines. This is a 3-reel variant, which means that we can arrange lines of up to three elements here. However, this is enough to have a great time. As for the aforementioned symbols, on the screen we watch delicacies loved by millions - hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon or spaghetti.

Another thing worth noting is that in Yummy Slot Machine we bet on specific lines. Each of them is an additional bet that increases our chances of winning, but at the same time, if we lose, our virtual pocket will feel it more (the game is played only with virtual money). We can also stop one or two rollers before the next spin to try to match only the remaining part to it/them. When we make a line, we can also try to increase our winnings by playing a mini-game that is popular in slots with the use of cards.

Yummy Slot Machine Features:

  • one-armed bandit (3-reel) version for gourmands,
  • the ability to stop one or two rollers,
  • betting on specific lines (up to eight),
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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