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Basketball Master


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About the game Basketball Master

Basketball Master arcade game is a simple click basketball game! Tap the ball at the right moment to hit the basket and score points. How many points can you score in Basketball Master before time runs out?

The Basketball Master arcade game is great fun that requires timing and dexterity. Feel like an NBA star and score as many points as possible. Just remember that the referee's clock is ticking and you have a limited amount of time for each shot. Play Basketball Master for free on Game Planet and become a true basketball master!

Basketball Master game rules

In Basketball Master, you don't have to be two meters tall to hit the basket and score a record number of points. All you need is good reflexes and an accurate eye, and the ball will jump and fall into the basket as if on a string.

In the Basketball Master main menu, you can choose where you want to play and many unusual ball designs. In this way, you can throw a watermelon in the suburbs, a donut on the beach or a professional ball in a real stadium. After starting the game, a basket and a ball appear on the screen, which you bounce up by clicking the mouse - the more clicks, the higher the flight path.

The player's task in the Basketball Master game is to direct the ball so that it falls into the basket, but the accurate shot must be made before the time runs out. During the game, there is a chance to earn special bonus points for placing the ball in the basket in the indicated way, e.g. from the back or from the reflection from the target. Thanks to the ability to beat your own records, the game is addictive and provides a lot of emotions.

Play Basketball Master for free on Game Planet, improve your skills, train your aim and become the greatest player of all time.

Basketball Master game features

- An arcade game for everyone;

- Easy controls and clear game rules;

- A wide selection of diverse, fun balls;

- Pleasing to the eye, colorful graphics;

- Opportunity to conquer new records.

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