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Basketball - The ball is round and there are (usually) two baskets

Basketball is your sports horse? No wonder - it's one of the most popular team sports in the world, after all. In real reality, however, it has specific requirements - not to mention the average height of the players, it is necessary to even make a makeshift pitch, a basket and, of course, a fairly large ball. If you want to play basketball, but you don't have the conditions for it - it's winter, you have a sprained ankle or you live in a place where such fun is not possible - choose virtual entertainment with this sport in the lead role.

Street Basketball is one of the iconic propositions when it comes to the browser game mechanism. There are several players in front of you - decide which one of them best reflects your character and choose him as your representative. Then you face a task to complete, which is… surprise: hitting the basket with the ball. You are standing at some distance from the target, and in order to hit, you need to precisely shape the trajectory of the movement. A special slider that you stop at the right moment will help you with this. Such basketball allows you to exercise reflexes and attention. Concentrate and hit!

Real Street Basketball has a slightly different mechanism - here you appear on the pitch without "company" - you are invisible, you and your basketball. You have to give it the right path, thanks to which it will fit perfectly into the mesh rim. Focus and move the cursor in such a way as to draw the shape of the arc on which the ball will move. Remember that it is best to hit the white rectangle on the basket's target - an accurate shot should be fired after bouncing off it. In this version of the game, you can choose to train or compete.

Basketballdunk.io is a proposal from Unity, in which your goal is to hit the basketball in such a way that it performs as many interesting stunts as possible, does not fall and be damaged. It is not that simple task, considering its mobility! So work hard on the mission to do your best in it. When it comes to the rules and appearance of the game, it can be a bit associated with the popular pinball, which is also easy to find in the browser version.

Would you like to play against "real" basketball? Choose Basketball Legends 2020, where you will meet the undisputed stars of the sport. Choose your team and character, then create your formation on the pitch. Deal with other playing heads!

aplikacja mobilna