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About the game Basket Random

Take on the role of a professional basketball player and start collecting points after throwing the ball into the basket. Simple? It seems simple. When you turn on the game Basket Random you will see that the calm gameplay can be combined with a touch of madness.

How? Start by throwing a traditional ball into the basket, then a beach ball, and then a bowling ball. That's possible? Yes, absolutely possible. Can you imagine basketball players playing in elegant, stylish suits? Or maybe you want to see how they try to score points during extreme winter weather conditions? Such amazing things are only possible in Basket Random. Try it to see how exciting it can be.

Basket Random doesn't require many buttons to control. All you need is… One button! Your goal is to snatch the ball from your opponent's hands and throw it into the basket as quickly as possible. You can also do it by performing various stunts with your associate. If you score five points, you win. So how? Are you up for a challenge on the pitch? If you get bored of playing alone, you can use the very cool option of adding a friend to the tournament. You can do it with the 2P button and then you will connect with a friend or family member to have a nice time together. Thanks to this, competition could never be more enjoyable.

The Basket Random game can perfectly spice up every evening spent in front of the computer, it will also work well during parties. Thanks to it you can phenomenally go back in time. If you grew up in the golden age of video games in the 90s, the design and sound will definitely help you recall that distinctive beauty that you immersed yourself in alone or with friends. In addition, everything is fueled by a very simple sound layer and colorful graphics, which are based on the simplest shapes, such as a square or a rectangle. This game will be loved by both lovers of that era, but also those who did not have the opportunity to experience it many years ago.

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