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Throwing - always to the goal

What team sport do you associate throwing with? You guessed right - with basketball. This fascinating game for (mainly) tall people attracts enthusiasts of dynamic entertainment and passionate competition. As a team game, basketball has many arrangements also in electronic games. So you can play the real game online or practice two-act or passing.

Throwing games are various games with interesting mechanisms. Taptap Shots is a basketball competition where your job is a simple screen-tapping mechanism, which leads to a basketball shot a little higher. You need to cleverly estimate the path of the ball's movement so that - of course - it finally hits the very center of the basket hoop. It's fun and addictive, and the increasing number of points on your account is a lot of fun. How many times in a row will you hit? Untrained players will probably enjoy at least one ... Play to pass the time during breaks from study, work or school - on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Beat your own records and challenge your friends to an individualized competition.

There are also other interesting throwing games, for example those based on the movement of characters imitating famous basketball players. Become the Michael Jordan of your browser and shoot well-aimed shots into your opponents' baskets. Be careful not to get kicked out! Practice the accuracy of your throws and the smarts of the best basketball player.

aplikacja mobilna