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About the game Battleship War Multiplayer

Probably everyone killed time in this way during boring lessons or during breaks in elementary school or high school. As it turns out, this game after many years still works great as a "time killer" or as an idea for spending time with friends.

Battleship War: Multiplayer is based on the same principles as the paper original. The game pits two players, each of whom has the same goal - to place their ships on the board in such a way as to confuse the opponent, and at the same time make lucky shots to sink the enemy fleet as soon as possible (certainly before the enemy sinks ours).

However, Battleship War: Multiplayer has also added an additional mode. In addition to the standard gameplay, during which we alternately shoot at the enemy, there is also an option in which we earn points, and then we can spend them on special actions - an air attack on the enemy's positions or radar / sonar that allows us to discover a fragment of his board. This small modification makes the game even more exciting!

In Battleship War: Multiplayer you can play together with another living player (then the most emotions appear), but if we don't have a companion to play with, we can shoot each other with artificial intelligence. Although it's not the same, the age-old ship game can also provide a lot of fun in this formula. Anyway, try it yourself. The game is available for free from a web browser.

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