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Cursed Treasure - Defend your territory in style

Do you know online tower defense games? As the name suggests, your task in them is to defend the tower, and in fact usually the castle, the entire royal territory or any estate, depending on the subject. These are games for the patient, determined and focused on the goal, as well as for clever, dexterous and skillful weapon operators. Check how well you manage crisis situations in Cursed Treasure games - this cursed treasure will leave you alone for a long time!

Start calmly with the first part of the game to get an idea of the rules and curiosities. You are the ruler of a kingdom set in a medieval-fantasy reality, and your most precious treasure are colorful gems that you keep in a special vault. No one can get into it, so you make sure that the protection is as high as possible. Time and again, hordes of enemy warriors move around, wanting to steal your wonderful belongings. Don't let them do it!

Cursed Treasure has a fairly easy operating mechanism - all you need to do is click the appropriate places on the board with the cursor controlled by the mouse or the touchpad. At the beginning, the room for maneuver is not very wide - you have a bit of money and three types of obstacles at your disposal, whose task is to block the path to diamonds, and above all, to make it difficult (or: to kill) greedy daredevils. Remember that certain types of weapons can be placed on specific types of ground - something else will work on rock, something else on moss or ice.

Both in the first and second part, and in the intermediate stage called 1 ½, you have a dozen or so levels of similar fun ahead of you. The Dark Overlord loves its trinkets, so the ways to get rid of hostile guests are getting more and more sophisticated. You also have a chance to travel through the interesting territories of a magical land that is very extensive. Cursed Treasure is an excellent test of cunning, reaction speed, but also management skills. Watch out for your finances at the same time!

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