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Red Ball 6: Bounce Ball


About the game Red Ball 6: Bounce Ball

Red Ball 6: Bounce Ball - the adventures of the red ball

Red Ball 6: Bounce Ball is a platformer in which you move around with a laughing, joyfully bouncing red ball. The heroine's route resembles an obstacle course: on your way you encounter rivers and rivulets to jump over or cleverly overcome with the help of a log, malicious rivals that you need to somehow get rid of, or spikes that can mess up a lot in the game. You also collect coins, which later will allow you to additional attractions.

Red Ball 6: Bounce Ball is a multi-level game with increasing difficulty levels, of course. For completing each of them you can collect three stars - well, unless you go horribly, but you don't want to break your heart with a ball? Have fun and be careful - there are traps at every turn and around every corner! Fortunately, there are also masts on which you can hang a red save flag and return to that point - for example in games you will push the ball into the water or you cannot manage the balance beam.

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