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Hamster Maze Online - cute hamster in action

As is well known, hamsters are greedy for vegetables, nuts and fruits. That's why the obstacle course you'll encounter in Hamster Maze Online takes you through a trail full of snacks. You have to skillfully control the pet's movement path in such a way that it gets to the desired goal, i.e. the plate. The trail is colored with kiwi slices, grains and other delicacies, thanks to which the route becomes varied, and thus easier for the little creature to pass. It takes a little effort to get a reward!

How to move the hamster in Hamster Maze Online? It's quite simple, although it may not be obvious at first - see that yellow circle? It should be moved, showing the character the directions in which it should move. Pay attention to uneven terrain and various types of obstacles - you have to find a way to overcome them all. When the hamster needs to climb slightly up, move the ball diagonally to the right and up, and when it goes down a steep part of the route - direct the cursor down. It's easy!

Each level of Hamster Maze Online brings a variety of variations. Starting from newer and newer obstacles, through new clothes for the hamster, to completely new, more complicated routes. Remember, you're always looking to pick up as many delicious fruits as possible along the way - that's what Hamster Maze Online is all about! Now sit back and relax with a nice fluffy animal - it's time for adventures in the rhythm of slow. Test yourself in this relaxing game!

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