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Hamsters - oh, those disarming house rodents!

Most often, fans and fans of pets are divided into dog breeders and cat lovers, and these pet furries find their place not only in movies and books, but also in many games. Is there anyone in the room who thinks hamsters are the sweetest in the world? Without a doubt! If that's what you raise your hand, check out the games tagged this way section for real gems.

Hamster Roll is one of the lovely proposals in which the hamsters (actually one of them) play the lead role. A cute face symbolizes a nice rodent and in this case it moves on a rainbow board, strewn with interesting elements and obstacles. You have to move the animal in such a way that it ends up on a sunflower, where it will fill its spacious cheeks with delicious seeds. The game is somewhat similar to the Japanese pachinko arcade games, and the fun is made even more pleasant by the energetic background music.

Hamster Lost In Food is something for the eternal hungry and greedy people - such as the title hamster! While controlling a cute character, you move across a board dotted with various delicious things. If you have a section of several identical ones, you can eat them with relish. Grapes, berries, grains, nuts and delicious cheese are waiting for you. You have to maneuver between the elements to end up in a small hollow. Can you make it? Of course! Remember, however, that the first task is relatively easy, but with the next levels the difficulty level increases significantly!

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