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Foxy Land 2


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About the game Foxy Land 2

Get ready for an exciting new adventure with Foxy! Foxy bought a house with Jenny and the little foxes, Tim and Cindy. Everything was fine until the evil Prince and his brother Jax attacked and destroyed everything... and kidnapped the baby foxes!

Foxy and Jenny are now forced to embark on a dangerous yet exciting journey around the island to prevent the Wolfie Brothers from carrying out their cunning and evil plan. But brave Foxy can't do it alone! Play together with a friend to collect as many coins and cherries as possible on your way to the final battle with the Wolfie brothers. Explore new lands, defeat enemies, avoid clever traps and meet new inhabitants of a colorful world in Foxy Land 2! Ready to go? Well, let's go - to the adventure!

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