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Tower Mania


About the game Tower Mania

Tower Mania arcade game will test the reflexes of anyone who dares to try it. The fun is not particularly complicated - just press the mouse button, and then again and again to place the next floors of the tower.

The trick, however, is that the less perfectly set one floor is, the shorter the next one will be, and so on until the very end. It requires incredible composure, skillful fingers and an accurate eye. What's your record?

To this day, it is not known exactly how the Egyptian pyramids were built. Tower Mania may not help in finding the answer to this question, but it allows us to feel like we are builders with a capital "b". And by the way, it provides a lot of fun for anyone who tries it, regardless of gender or age.

Rules of Tower Mania

In Tower Mania, we build four huge towers from different places and eras. The first one (in the Egyptian climate) is available immediately, but the next ones have to be unlocked by earning a certain number of points. And what is fun? We start on the ground floor and watch the next floor (a wide, horizontal block) move left and right. When we press the left mouse button, it will embed itself on a lower level in such a way that its edges that will protrude in width will be cut off.

In the above way, in Tower Mania, we build more levels, while gradually reducing the width of subsequent blocks. If we are not careful and skillful enough, after a dozen or so floors we will not have the material to build and, as a result, we will fail. So, if we want to build really tall towers and achieve good results (the higher floors we build, the more points we are awarded with each new level), we need to train our eye-hand reaction.

With subsequent attempts at Tower Mania, we collect coins that are used not only to unlock new types of towers, but also to buy boosters that help us achieve even better results. One of them doubles the number of coins you earn, the second gives you a handicap at the start (automatically sets several levels), and the third gives you an extra life.

Features of Tower Mania:

  • building towers in different places and eras,
  • the higher the tower you build, the more points you get,
  • use boosters to build even faster and more efficiently,
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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