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Power Wall


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About the game Power Wall

Power Wall is an arcade game that trains reflexes, perceptiveness and timing. The ball bounces between the walls, and the player has only a fraction of a second to bounce it off the electromagnetic field. Of course, the more times the ball is bounced, the higher the score and record. How many times will you succeed?

Power Wall is a proposal addressed to lovers of games in the style of the iconic Arkanoid. The main character of this production is... a ball that we have to keep within the laboratory as long as possible, using an energy wall. While this sounds complicated, it really isn't. However, mastering this simple activity is quite a challenge!

After turning on Power Wall, it might seem that it is a really trivial easy game that even a few-year-old child could handle. However, we quickly find out that the truth is completely different and that it is really an extremely demanding arcade game in which getting a large number of points requires the player to be incredibly focused.

Power Wall game rules

Our job at Power Wall is simple. We find ourselves in a laboratory where a certain orange ball was used for one of the experiments. Without going into what kind of experiment it is and for what purpose someone is conducting it, we have to keep this round object on the screen as long as possible. We use an energy wall from which the ball can bounce. It activates literally for a second when we press the left mouse button.

So in Power Wall, even a small mistake can make it too early (then the wall will disappear before the ball gets close to it) or too late (then the ball will go through it before it turns on). Try it yourself - it's not as easy as it seems!

Power Wall game features:

  • an arcade game that requires a lot of concentration,
  • use the energy wall to keep the ball on the screen,
  • it only takes a little mistake to lose,
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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