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Police Car Simulator 2020


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About the game Police Car Simulator 2020

Do you dream of joining the ranks of the police, even for a short while? Check out Police Car Simulator 2020, thanks to which you will take part in a crazy car escapade. Will you choose to stick to the rules of the road, or will you succumb to the adrenaline rush and ignore them altogether? Although in this simulator you play the role of a police officer, the temptation to break the law will be great - after all, there are no repercussions for it, even if you run a red light or get into a head-on collision with a bus.

Although not everything in Police Car Simulator 2020 is in accordance with the laws of physics, it doesn't matter - you will be drawn into a colorful adventure on the roads of the big city or beyond. You can choose whether you prefer urban or rural driving. Both of these options will allow you to come into contact with other obstacles and views, thanks to which the game will not drag on even after a long play. Three-dimensional graphics quite faithfully reflect the details of the real world, which makes the game even more enjoyable. However, there are no scenes of brutal violence here, which makes it suitable for more sensitive players as well.

Police Car Simulator 2020 will also allow you to choose different models of police cars. A short control tutorial on the left side of the screen will remind you how to operate the vehicle regardless of the situation. The title uses basic key combinations, which makes it extremely intuitive, and you can choose the type of operation that is more convenient for you, such as driving with the arrows or WASD buttons.

Simulators enjoy unflagging popularity, so it's worth trying out this position, if only because of the eye-pleasing, uncomplicated interface. Thanks to this, the game runs smoothly, even with an unstable internet connection. Even if there are minor bugs in it, they will be a source of great fun and reasons for laughter, rather than irritation. So if you are looking for light entertainment with a bit of humor, Police Car Simulator 2020 will be a hit for you.

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